I did exactly this once. True story. Shirts and ties and all.. Two boys came over after school on a Friday night while my family was away for the weekend. We hung out and drank for a few hours, eventually the conversation got around to my ex boyfriend. I drunkenly told them the thing I missed the most was the crazy sex we had. They started asking questions…

"Did you titfuck him? Did you two do anal? Ever got a facial? Spit or swallow?" Et cetera… After I’d turned them on enough with my answers, I ended up letting them fuck me in a dozen ways on the living room sofa. They were kinky fuckers. They were new to most of it but I guess they’d seen enough porn. Cum splattered my tits, my face, filled my arse and dripped down onto the leather cushions and the wood panelled floor.

They both stayed over. Later, in my bedroom, one of them tied his school tie around my neck and made me crawl on all fours to the bathroom alone, where he unzipped his jeans and told me to kneel for him. His friend snickered, “That’s sick, man,” through the door. The boy feeding me his bellend just laughed… He locked the door and asked for some privacy, even his friend wasn’t allowed to see or hear the shit he was going to do to my throat…

Afterwards he left me in the bathroom and sent his friend in for sloppy seconds. I had been completely wrecked. Spit was dribbling from my cracked lips, some of which wasn’t mine, black eyeliner tears caked my face and my body was glazed with even more sweat and cum.

It was the most degrading experience of my life that far…

Anonymous asked:

All I have in my mind right now is getting the train to London just to fuck your throat. Never had a girl make me come from a blowjob and girls I've been with can't take much of my cock in their mouth. You gonna do a better job?

That’s all I’m competing against? Easy ;)

Anonymous asked:

You have a wonderful way with words, I'm jealous! Haha. I hope you're keeping you're real like adventures together for a book, because I'd by that shit again and again every time I'd finishing sticking those pages together with my cum. A fan.

Wow! Thank you! I’m not good enough yet, but maybe some day ;) Would people buy it?