slutpunishment asked:

Nothing better than bending over a crying slut and pounding that arse. You get your arse ploughed much, slut? Bet it's loose from daily use.

You like to really humiliate a girl do you, Daddy? Mostly guys want my mouth and my cunt… I’m always open to anal, but most of the men that fuck my arse wouldn’t care if I wasn’t. They’re kind of the “stop screaming and enjoy it” type. I suppose you are too? ;) xx

Anonymous asked:

If you're ever coming to Australia make sure you tell tumblr. My fiance and i love your blog. And she often pretends she's you and we go to a pub separately and i pretend to pick her up. Sometimes after she has blown someone. We want you bad!

You guys are a HOT couple, that’s amazing, thank you. I’ll definitely let tumblr know ;)

Anonymous asked:

What do you think is the least amount of time that's passed between meeting a man and havin his dick in your mouth? Did you know the names of all the guys who have cum on and in you?

If you count craigslist and other online stuff, I guess around 30 seconds. I’ve had men specifically ask that I get on my knees and open my mouth for them to facefuck as soon as I arrive. (Some very hot stories there, but you can imagine them all!)

Names? No. I normally do, but not always.

daddyspoilsyou asked:

I almost wish you weren't single... I'd love to watch you get fucked from behind while you pleasure my cock with your mouth. I want to hear you moan in ecstasy while you slide your lips across my member.

Oh fuck, so hot… Don’t worry baby, it won’t be hard to find someone to join us ;) x