insatiableanddiscrete asked:

I've already came a few times tonight but pounding your throat like that would have another huge load bubbling up in my balls. I will need to make sure and blast the whole load in your tummy ;) Tell daddy exactly what you are doing to yourself Chlo x

I made myself orgasm a few times in bed and now I’m in the bath ploughing myself with my biggest toy Need to squirt so bad fuck keep talking to me

insatiableanddiscrete asked:

Cunt and arse most likely I like to make it worth my time when I bring someone home. Don't leave any unfilled ;) you'd be begging for mercy like the little tart you are... not that you'd get it hah daddy would wreck you x

Mmmmm you’re making me cum so much baby… Wonder if the wet sheets will wake him up ;) My arse definitely needs to be filled. Most of all I want to get throatfucked, something really intense. How do you like to fuck my mouth? Hair pulling?


myviceindex asked:

Its 1am! On a Saturday night should you not be splayed across some grotty nightclub toilet having your arse torn open?

chloecumslut answered:

God, if only I was. The fuck I just had wasn’t as good as I expected ;) nightclub sex is always nastier…


Because you know that your surrounded by guys who can hear you… because you know you don’t have any lube so your arse is going to really ache in the morning…. because your going to walk onto the dance floor with spunk dripping out your ass! Your right you should’ve made better life decisions tonight

There will always be clubs open ;) I’ll just have to fuck six guys instead of three next time I go clubbing ;) make up for my missed night…