Anonymous asked:

Ever been filmed, slut? With your history that's probably a stupid question. Ever wonder if one of the guys you let whip his cameraphone out and snap a shot of your shining cheeks or dripping cunt sent it to his friends? Or uploaded the video? Maybe even sold it. Ever wonder if while you're clicking through your news feed, one of these pics... will be you? Or maybe it already is :P. You could play a game. Share a hundred pics in a week. Make one of them you. Fuck the first follower to guess.

Yeahhhh, I’ve been filmed. I have some of my own, but plenty of strangers and old school friends have them too. I do often wonder what I’d do if I found myself on Redtube. Hot suggestion ;)

insatiableanddiscrete asked:

Young maybe but definitely not fucking innocent hah! And you know you should always start on your knees trying to throat my length. I doubt you will manage it but I can always give you a hand by holding your head and fucking your face. Most of the time I imagine you are drunk and acting like a slag so you will barely notice my hands wrapping your hair around them... You will notice my monster rammed against your tonsils though haha

You’re right about that, Daddy. I’m still kind of drunk from last night. Wouldn’t mind some hair of the dog and then some. Maybe a big man like you to come over, pour some vodka or gin down my throat and have your way with me however you like it. You know you love fucking sluts like me best when we’re so fucked up we can’t resist anything you want ;)

Like your cock drilling my throat balls deep while you pinch my nose, for example… Or sliding every inch of my biggest toy into my cunt while you pound my arse…